Advanced Material Processing. Advancing engineering capabilities.

AMP combines the strengths of two highly-engineered product portfolios that are tailored to mission critical applications.

By aligning two leading industrial processing manufacturers known for their customized solutions, AMP is creating synergies to offer new solutions addressing the greater material processing needs of our customers. AMP will help lay the groundwork for the Kason and Marion teams to expand their platform, addressing even more applications in multiple end markets.

AMP Companies


Custom screening and processing equipment for bulk solid materials and slurries for food, pharma and more

Kason has more than 50 years of experience as a global leader in designing and manufacturing screening, drying, cooling and processing equipment and systems, with worldwide compliance with the most stringent safety, quality and sanitary standards and regulations. The company is headquartered in Milburn, NJ with offices in Canada and the U.K as well as a global network of sales reps. The company serves a range of industries including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, energy, minerals, aerospace and defense. 

Marion Process Solutions

Custom manufacturers of processing solutions designed to fit the specific requirements of one type of application - yours

Founded in 1938, Marion Process Solutions is dedicated to delivering custom-manufactured processing solutions to companies in the food, nutraceutical, mineral, plastic, chemical and biomass industries. With process solutions in over 75 countries on 6 continents, serving hundreds of global Fortune 1000 companies, the Marion brand serves as the standard of excellence in the material handling industry.