The 3 Most Common Processing Equipment Installation Mistakes

Successful material processing equipment installations don’t happen by osmosis. It takes careful planning and a keen understanding of how your equipment works to avoid the kinds of hiccups that can lead to installation delays, unplanned construction costs and ultimately lost production time. Over the years, AMP’s field service technicians have been involved in hundreds of […]

6 Things to Check Before Ordering Material Processing Parts

Before you place your next parts order for a sifter, screener or related type of processing equipment, there are a few things you should check to make sure you are getting the right parts – and the most value – out of your machine. By taking the following steps, you can avoid spending money on […]

When Does Refurbishing Make More Sense than Buying New?

While we’d love it if everyone bought new mixers and blenders all the time, the truth is it’s not always necessary. In fact, there are a few situations where it makes more sense to refurbish an older machine. If you are on the fence about buying new or refurbishing, here are a few things worth […]

4 Processing Equipment Parts to Keep on Hand to Avoid Downtime

When it comes to processing equipment like mixers, sifters and screeners, it’s often not a question of if, but when a crucial component will start to wear out. The impact of downtime can be substantial, eating up 1-10% of production time, according to Processing Magazine. Overall, downtime costs industrial manufacturers as much as $50 billion a year. To […]

How Our Application Engineers and Lab Technicians Can Improve Your Production Process

For more than 30 years, Marion and Kason have been testing applications and using our expertise to help you optimize your process and provide quality analysis to show you’re getting a dependable machine. We do everything we can to ensure our equipment is ready to handle your processing requirements upon installation. And whether it’s increasing […]

Improve Your Production Process by Testing with Marion and Kason

We like to go the extra mile. Our expert application engineers and lab technicians for Marion and Kason often collaborate with a client to improve their company’s production process when we test materials at our Iowa-based facility. “People tend to be really surprised when they find out our test results,” Test Facilities Manager Rich Steepleton […]

Our First Step in Testing: Understanding Your Process

There is tremendous value in testing your application with Marion and Kason equipment — and not just because you can “try before you buy.” Our application engineers and lab technicians can help you increase throughput, decrease mix time, optimize your dewatering, and many other subtle (but significant) process improvements. However, a successful test starts from […]

Testing With Marion and Kason: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our testing facility in Iowa is busy. In fact, we do more than 300 tests a year on Marion and Kason machines. That’s not just because people want to try the equipment before they buy it. Our experienced application engineers also work with you to make minor adjustments to your process that can turn into […]