How Our Application Engineers and Lab Technicians Can Improve Your Production Process

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For more than 30 years, Marion and Kason have been testing applications and using our expertise to help you optimize your process and provide quality analysis to show you’re getting a dependable machine.

We do everything we can to ensure our equipment is ready to handle your processing requirements upon installation. And whether it’s increasing throughput, decreasing mixing time, improving the quality of your product or any other process improvements, we are proud to be trusted to offer ways that you can improve your production.

Real examples of our testing facility and application engineers in action

As one example, a company working with dehydrated biomass for nutrition learned our technology could reduce drying time from three days to less than four hours. That resulted in dramatically higher efficiency, footprint savings on the production floor and faster time-to-market.

We also got a call from a distiller who purchased a centrifugal sifter from another manufacturer to dewater spent grains. The screens kept breaking and causing unnecessary downtime. When the other manufacturer couldn’t help, our application engineers quickly assessed the issues:

  • The screens weren’t the correct fit for the application
  • The paddles that force the solids against the screen weren’t engineered for that application

Kason provided the customer with an optimized paddle and the correct screen. Instead of pushing a SKU that wasn’t the right fit, we took the time to understand what the customer needed. That approach often saves the customer much more money in the long run.

If you handle expensive materials, we can also run trials using materials with similar properties but with lower costs. One nutraceutical and dietary supplements company was challenged with their materials sticking to the sides of the machine during production.

We ran eight different tests using a similar (but much less expensive) material and found a way to adjust the thermal processing parameters to significantly reduce sidewall caking.

Types of machines we have available for testing

Our 7,200 square feet testing facility in Iowa performs more than 300 tests a year. The onsite testing equipment and capabilities include:

  • Multiple paddle mixers
  • Interchangeable paddles (test all main configurations)
  • Ribbon mixers
  • Continuous mixers
  • Configurable mixers with choppers and spray manifold for liquid additions
  • Vibroscreens with multiple frames
  • Centri-Sifters
  • V-Cone and Double-cone blenders
  • Fluid bed processors

Where to learn more about the testing process

If you’d like to know more about testing with Marion and Kason, check out these resources:

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