As a growing industry, we have solved many of the most challenging material handling and processing problems within the environmental sector.

With a large number of activities that make up the environmental industry, we are fortunate that we have had touchpoints in most across our four brand companies. This has resulted in an impressive accumulation of industry knowledge and expertise.

We understand that many materials in the environmental industry can be difficult to move and therefore precision and the ability to provide a tailored solution are key. The importance of features such as footprint, capacity, safety, energy consumption, maintenance and cleaning options are all factors to be considered – our aim is to find the best solution for you.

As a group, we also pride ourselves in designing equipment with the environment in mind with consideration given over to aspects such as motor options with low energy consumption.

Materials handled and processed include: biofuel, pulp and paper: bark ash, board products, finer, log flume, paper coatings, reject dewatering, sludge, water clarifiers, wood, wood flour and pellets, wastewater, sewage, soil mixes and compost, recycled materials.

Biomass Energy Processing and Production


Whatever your food material handling and processing challenge, we will have the right solution to meet your needs.