Leading the Way in Industrial Screening and Processing Equipment

Kason is the market leader in the production of screening and processing equipment thanks to its worldwide adherence to the strictest safety, quality, and sanitary standards and regulations, as well as our nearly 50 years of inventive design and extensive process knowledge. No matter how straightforward or complex, low-capacity or high-capacity, sanitary or industrial, your application, Kason has the specialist tools and application knowledge you need for peak performance.

Global Reach

We are well-positioned to continue serving our global client base across a number of industries, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, energy, minerals, aerospace, and defense, with offices spread across four continents and a growing global network of agents.

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Unparalleled Commitment

Kason is committed to finding solutions to the most challenging screening, drying, and cooling issues while placing a premium on quality, reliability, and safety. This laser-like focus separates Kason from the competitors. We work hard to continuously offer goods that, in terms of performance, dependability, maintenance ease, cost, and delivery, meet and frequently exceed client expectations.

Your Innovative and Dependable Partner