Pet Food & Animal Feed

In working with many pet food and animal feed brands.

Due to the variety and different forms of pet food and animal feed ingredients and products, the expertise throughout the Group delivers material handling and processing solutions that will improve operational efficiencies.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to handle both common and less commonly used ingredients, pet foods and animal feeds from material handling and processing through to final production and packaging within a facility.

Maintaining hygienic standards, withstanding repeated washdowns, ensuring minimal impact installs and low maintenance are all high on the agenda in system design. Finding the right material handling or processing solution for your pet food or animal feed to ensure the quality of the finished product is top of our agenda.

Materials handled and processed include seeds, pellets, kibbles, biscuits, cereals, grain, vitamins, minerals, proteins, vegetables, organic and vegan pet foods and more.

Cablevey Enclosed Conveyor Prevents Contamination for Pet Food Processor


Whatever your food material handling and processing challenge, we will have the right solution to meet your needs.