Testing With Marion and Kason: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Our testing facility in Iowa is busy.

In fact, we do more than 300 tests a year on Marion and Kason machines. That’s not just because people want to try the equipment before they buy it. Our experienced application engineers also work with you to make minor adjustments to your process that can turn into major improvements.

Especially for those who haven’t tested with us in the past, we wanted to give a step-by-step guide of what to expect.

Step 1: Reach Out to Us

Go to amprocessing.com/mixers-sifters-screeners and fill out the contact form.

Step 2: We’ll Work With You

An experienced application engineer will work with you to get the details of your process and what you hope to achieve.

Step 3: Our Teams Work Together

Our application engineers work with the testing lab to go over everything involving your test to make sure everything goes as planned.

Step 4: Safety Data Sheet Review and Waste Determination

Our test lab makes sure your SDS review is in order and the waste process is manageable.

Important: Even if it isn’t considered hazardous, we need SDS sheets for each and every product we test for you! 

Step 5: Test Scheduling

We encourage you to be onsite for the test, but we also have virtual viewing options available.

Step 6: Test Planning

We have a detailed test planning process that our lab technicians go through for each test, laying out specifics of how the test will be conducted.

Step 7: Test Day

This could be minutes or hours, depending on the product, but we run our tests and make any adjustments if needed.

Step 8: Test Summary

We compile all data and videos into a detailed report that will be sent to you and your team.

Following the test summary, you can work with Marion and Kason representatives to discuss the next steps of the ordering process. If you’d like to know more about testing with Marion and Kason, check out these resources:

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